Jan. 22nd, 2007

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ya wanna know why [livejournal.com profile] fuzzybutchkins is teh bestest girlfriend evar?

she puts relish in my tuna fish.

(and no, that's not some weird lesbian sex reference.)
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while enjoying my yummy tuna sandwich, i got an email from snapfish saying my pics were posted. (last week, i sent two recently discovered rolls of ilm to be developed- one of which i was fairly certain had the pics of my best friend from college/first crush's wedding pics on it.)

3 seconds later, before i had a chance to go look at the pics, i got another email - there was a problem with my order. oh, crud.

it seems that one of the rolls i sent was undevelopable. i don't know if it was because of age or what, but they were unable to print pics from it.

the pictures i did get were of some food from an SCA event (anyone remember who made the candy treasure chest, or for what?), crappy low-light pics from my cousin's wedding about 4 years ago, a basket of flowers sitting on my front porch that topher had sent me when i was working at ephn, and several pics of my exes at the aquarium.

see what's missing? yep, claire's wedding.

those pics, if they existed, were apparently on the roll that they were unable to develop. or i never had any to begin with and i'm misremembering. (I can't imagine *not* taking pictures at her wedding, though.) Tally: the Christmas ball wedding favor from her wedding? lost in my last breakup. photos from her wedding? vanished into thin air. photos of her and i doing things that she wouldn't have done sober? lost to another ex, although i wouldn't be all that surprised if they found their way to the interweb sometime in the past 10 years.

so, yeah. i've got this pic (f-locked), and the letter she wrote me when I left school.

and one of her husband's grateful dead cds.

and my tattoo.

wow, this is bothering me a lot more than I thought it was. i think i'll go throw on a broomstick skirt, listen to some dead, and smoke a parliament. okay, so i quit smoking and we don't have any parliaments anyway...and it's too damn cold for a broomstick skirt.

but the dead? that i can do.

miss you, bear.


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