Jan. 28th, 2007

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trying to squeeze every bit of not-school, not-work stuff i can into a day when i'm dealign with pain issues that don't want me off the couch is, well, difficult. got some grocery shopping done after i dropped mer off at the train station, and trashed* the living room & my desk. after taking care of some stuff online, i decided to be smart and check the weather in dallas, where i'll be headed in two weeks. well, shit. it never occurred to me that it would be cold there. all these off-site meetings are always in warm places. and crap, my meeting wardrobe is much more suited to september in palm springs and vegas than to texas in february were it's apparently 40 degrees

so, for my own reference, here's what i have to work with and what I need, so I can fill in the gaps in the next two weeks...
M - bottom (khakis) & top (brown stripe knit turtleneck)
T - bottom & top; dress or pantsuit for dinner
W - bottom & top
R - bottom & top
F - bottom (khakis) & top; jeans & t-shirt for breakdown; sweatshirt or fleece for flight

items to work with:
black skirt with black jacket - need top & hose
black stripey suit - need top
blue pattern skirt - need top & hose
turquoise pattern skirt - need top & hose
grey knit sweaterdress - need hose

*in our house, to trash is to collate mail and empty boxes and stuff and place it in trash bags. it is not used in the conventional sense.


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