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done so far today:

bathroom: toilet, sink, shower, floor, rug cleaned/scrubbed/mopped. hand towels and robes washed, dried, rehung.
bedroom: switchplate and outlet cover replaced, box of socks unpacked & put away, general tidying, dirty laundry moved downstairs, down comforter washed & dried, bed stripped
office: nothing yet
craft room: nothing yet
upstairs hallway: moved empty boxes to basement, luggage to dining room
living room: pulled nails/screws out of walls, spackled, looked at front door threshhold (need to get concrete anchors to fix), swept, mopped, decluttered
dining room: pulled nails/screws out of walls, spackled, installed baby-proofing on booze & glassware cabinet, reorganized tools, moved tools & paint to basement, cleared table, dusted/polished cabinets & table, moved luggage to basement, swept, mopped
kitchen: hung phone, pulled nails/screws out of walls, spackled, moved crap & mirrors to basement, swept, mopped
basement: laundry, organized garage, replaced door lock, moved catering stuff under stairs, moved camping stuff into garage, washed sheets

still to do today:
bathroom: hang up clean towels/robes, empty trash
bedroom: wash sheets, sweep & mop, dust, make bed
office: vacuum, dust, finish filing
craft room: vacuum, dust, organize a bit
upstairs hallway (& stairs): vacuum, change light bulb
living room: sweep, mop, declutter, move guitars to office
dining room: DONE!!!! move remaining tools & luggage to basement, sweep, mop, clear table
kitchen: move tub of crap & mirrors to basement, sweep, mop, dishes
basement: DONE!!! more laundry, replace door lock

to do if it decides to stop raining:
mow the lawns

hey, mer - throw away your old back door key. it's all one now.


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