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Official countdown: 7 days 'til settlement, 9 days 'til the move. yeah, that's right. a week.
Boxes packed: um, 63? we haven't made much progress on that front.
Stuff done since last update: um, very, very little. got the glassware returned to bb&b. packed dvds, coat closet, stuff in the bar, and everything non-essential in the bedroom.
To do this week, preferably tomorrow: pay off the two shitty little things that showed up on my credit that are making the mortgage people cranky. get final settlement numbers from mer's mom so we can figure out how to get the necessary cashier's check from our bank (conveniently located in...harrisburg).
To do this weekend: pack everything. yes, everything. to be more specific, "everything" includes: all nonessentials in the kitchen, living room, office. take apart and trash mer's desk. finish the laundry. finish the dishes. pack the "settlement suitcase". take out the trash. get the flung clothes to the fatgirl flea collector or goodwill. clean the bathtub, sweep the floors.

in other, non-stressful, non-house news? I'm continuing to lose weight - down to 203 (from 234), and size 16 (from 22). Feels good to be active again.

And, I'm using my buttsex icon. Because I can.
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three weeks from today, we'll officially own the house.

i know that i owe at least one person a return phone call (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyjadwiga), but between the packing and the planning and the paperwork and going absolutely batshit CRAZY at work (shit happened last week that i'm *still* too stressed about to blog), i'm losing my bloody mind. so here's my official apology to any phone calls/emails/IMs that may go unreturned for the next few weeks - i'm terribly sorry, but i've lost my mind. please leave a message at the tone and i'll get back to you when i find the box I packed it in.

i'm not really sticking with the low-carb these days (read: not at all); however, i've found that i can take out some serious aggression in a 45-minute session on the elliptical, and hence am still losing weight - although i'm losing at a much slower rate than when i wasn't eating ramen and cous cous. 29 pounds since jan 1. i'm hoping to drop another 6 lbs before we move (doubtful, since that's 2 lbs/wk), since once i have a longer commute, my late nights watching jeopardy in the gym will be limited. losing the additional 6 will take me to 199, which rewards me with cadbury creme eggs.

i've ordered our nifty argyle change of address cards, with our new address and home phone (which we may actually answer on occasion). if i don't have your address, and you'd like a nifty postcard, email me.

the uhaul by my office finally got dish and glass pack sets in stock, so i think i've bought the last of the boxes we needed. (what use are glass pack boxes that don't fit margarita or martini glasses, anyway?!?)

our parking lot gets a little puddle-y when it precipitates. when i got home from work, there were two ducks bathing in the parking lot. today's precipitation? snow. it is april, right?


Mar. 12th, 2006 10:59 am
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getting ready to go look at our two favorite houses from last week and another one that an acquaintance of ours is selling...

i kicked ass at the gym this week, even went in on Saturday and did an hour of cardio - Mer had to hit the DMV, which is right up the street from my office, so I had her drop me off. I'm down to 208 from 234, and apparently it's at the point where it's noticeable, because I've had a few people comment on it.

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fairly good week so far. been spending time in the gym at work after work - did 10 min. elliptical & 30 min. (1.25 mi.) treadmill yesterday, and 10 min. elliptical & 30 min. (1.5 mi.) today. I'm going to email the gym bunny tomorrow to schedule time for her to set up a "program" for me - I'd love to start using the weights and stuff once my hand gets better. In general health-and-fitness news, I'm down 23 lbs since Jan. 1 - 234 to 211. Once I break the 200 mark, I'm treating myself to a Cadbury Cream Egg. Those little balls of sugar are my absolute favorite candy, and they are precisely the reason I fell off the low-carb wagon last year.

In house news, we have an appointment with our realtor on Saturday to look at the top 7 houses on our list, plus she said she'd look at the others and see if there were any worth seeing while we're out. We've also got the paperwork for preapproval, which we'll hopefully be filling out tonight. Very exciting.

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