Jul. 30th, 2006 05:02 pm
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thanks to [livejournal.com profile] arcadian72 for a lovely afternoon, even if it was cut way too short by me running mer to the hospital. and happy birthday, since i totally forgot to say so.

the pottstown er is fast (in and out in an hour - and they said they were backed up, plus the computers were down), and according to the snippy NP, Mer has both an inner and an outer ear infection. A quick trip to the pharmacy got us a z-pak, cipro drops, and tylenol 3, plus a stuffed animal and some haagen dazs. now to feed us, put her back to bed, and figure out how to rearrange my schedule for tomorrow so i can get all my shit done and be out of work in time to take mer to the doctor. oh, and drop off her rental/pick up her car from the shop. fun times.

*hugs* to everyone i got to see today - hope to see you all again soon!

well, gee.

Jun. 28th, 2006 08:37 pm
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Our real estate agent neglected to tell us that when we bought a house in Pottstown, we should have bought a boat as well.

This morning, every single road out of Pottstown was closed except 422. So, I took 422 for as long as I could stand the traffic, and got off at 29, planning to shoot down through Great Valley into Frazer. No dice - 29 is closed just south of the Redner's in Collegeville. Double back, cut across to 113. Shoot down through Phoenixville to the other end of 29...which is closed. Cut back across Pothouse Road? Nope. Closed. Ookay...23. I can take 23 into Valley Forge and shoot down 202...nope - 23 is closed. Call the office, find out how one of my co-workers got to work - cut back up 113, down the back road he suggested. Total commute? 32 miles over *three hours*. Whee! Two hours later, head to King of Prussia to run a training class, then home (via 422) so that there was a chance in hell of me making my 6:00 appointment with the sleep specialist.

Sit at home and watch the news, read the news, wish we had a boat...because according to the local paper, a boat is the only way we're leaving the city tomorrow. Of course, I have to be back in KoP at 8 for another training class...and I'm the only one who can do it, because the training materials and the tech equipment needed are all in my truck. Call my boss, let him know what's up. He says I can drive to KoP tonight, stay in the hotel, and get reimbursed, or leave at 5 in the morning (!) to beat the 422 traffic and leave around noon.

Since I'm sitting at home watching so you think you can dance crack tv, it's obvious what i chose.

Mer had a similarly crappy commute today, driving 2 hours from Pottstown to Phoenixville. Bleh.

The appointment with the sleep doc was interesting, and I get to go be hooked up to wires in july to find out what's actually wrong. apparently, my symptoms are weird, which makes me a challenge, which the doctor likes.

in happy homeowner news, the basement is very, very wet, and instead of buying the parts to finish mer's new 'puter, we'll be buying a dehumidifer, shelves for the catering stuff, concrete to fill the drain hole that the water is coming out of, and possibly a shop vac. also? i really need a dry day so I can mow the lawn, because the back yard is turning into a jungle, and electrocution via electric weedwhacker and rainwater is not on my list of fun things to do.

but? i had a really good bar of dark chocolate today, we're financially stable enough to buy the stuff we need for the basement, and i have an anacrostic that's calling my name. life is surprisingly good.


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