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We made an offer on the house. Pardon me while I surprise myself by not freaking out.

It's a 3 bedroom 1 bath brick row in the northern end of Pottstown. It's 1100 sft., and has a 1-car garage and off-street parking. There's a park and a private swim club across the back alley; a block away from that is a fucking country club. The house is only 41 years old and is move-in ready. The dining room and living room have hardwood floors; the upstairs is carpeted, but I pulled up a corner and verified that there are hardwood floors under there. :) The house is immaculate - the owner never lived there, but rented to his kids, who appear to have been excellent to the place. The stove is newer (electric, though, not gas - I'm pouting a little), and the kitchen is a workable size - we're thinking about knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining room in the future to open up the space.

The house has very little character (because it's so new), but it's got...funk. The kitchen has bright lemon yellow walls, and the cabinets are white (frames) and lime green (doors). The bathroom is bright blue (think classic cadillac blue) and black tile. The master bedroom is lime green, and the smallest bedroom (soon to be the sewing/guest room) looks like someone mixed pink cotton candy, bubblegum, pepto bismol, and a strawberry milkshake made with artificial strawberry syrup and used that combination to paint the walls. but - paint is paint. there's hardwood floors! and a garage!

and it's in the fucking suburbs. unreal.

a big bonus for me is that Pottstown is so much closer to Allentown than where we are now. yay more baby sister time!

Speaking of baby time, we had a quick visit today, and i also have new pics - f-locked post on that will come later.

i need to go make dinner, do laundry, and pass out.

we'll know by tuesday what's going on with the offer!

(oh, and have i mentioned we're going to see Billy Joel at the Wac tomorrow night?!?!?!)
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I'm not going to say a lot, because I feel if I broadcast it over the interweb, it might jinx things.

what i will say is that we may have found a house. and so, i'm asking for all the wifty-farkle good mojo you are willing to muster and send our way. think good thoughts, and lime green cabinets, folks. that's all i ask.


Mar. 12th, 2006 10:59 am
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getting ready to go look at our two favorite houses from last week and another one that an acquaintance of ours is selling...

i kicked ass at the gym this week, even went in on Saturday and did an hour of cardio - Mer had to hit the DMV, which is right up the street from my office, so I had her drop me off. I'm down to 208 from 234, and apparently it's at the point where it's noticeable, because I've had a few people comment on it.

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Mar. 4th, 2006 03:52 pm
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our first official day of house hunting is done. out of the ones we wanted to see, and the ones our realtor pulled from our "maybe" list, a few were already under contract, so we ended up looking at 7 total, 4 in norristown and 3 in pottstown. out of those 7, 3 are definite possibilities. All 3 are currently vacant, which bodes well for our time frame.

Details here - most likely rambly, because my brain is housey-mush, and I need to collect my thoughts. )


Feb. 28th, 2006 09:30 pm
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the mortgage app is filled out...now to dig out our w-2's, and I'll fax this puppy off from work tomorrow.

Mer is telling me not to freak out. I'm trying. Really.
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fairly good week so far. been spending time in the gym at work after work - did 10 min. elliptical & 30 min. (1.25 mi.) treadmill yesterday, and 10 min. elliptical & 30 min. (1.5 mi.) today. I'm going to email the gym bunny tomorrow to schedule time for her to set up a "program" for me - I'd love to start using the weights and stuff once my hand gets better. In general health-and-fitness news, I'm down 23 lbs since Jan. 1 - 234 to 211. Once I break the 200 mark, I'm treating myself to a Cadbury Cream Egg. Those little balls of sugar are my absolute favorite candy, and they are precisely the reason I fell off the low-carb wagon last year.

In house news, we have an appointment with our realtor on Saturday to look at the top 7 houses on our list, plus she said she'd look at the others and see if there were any worth seeing while we're out. We've also got the paperwork for preapproval, which we'll hopefully be filling out tonight. Very exciting.

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yesterday, we drove around norristown and pottstown, looking at neighborhoods. then, we met with a realtor (soon to be officially *our* realtor), who was wonderful and helpful and not full of shit. she typed in our parameters and gave us a stack of 82 properties to wade through. after spending last night weeding out obvious undesirables (tenant-occupied and "as-is" properties, houses in known icky areas of town), we ended up with about 10 in Norristown and 12 in Pottstown that we wanted to take a cloer look at. This morning we got up and drove to N-town & P-town for the second day in a row, this time with specific addresses in mind. We pulled up as close as each house as we could get, discussed what we could see of the neighborhood and property, and made notes or eliminated each house. We're down to 5 in N-town and 10 in P-town.

We were both pleasantly surprised at our options. It seems that we can indeed live in a decent house in a decent part of either town within our price range. Yay! Next step for me is to schedule time with the realtor to go see them; next step for Mer is to start the pre-approval process for the mortgage.

On a side note, we're both rather irked by the notion that, in buying a house - possibly a semi-suburban one at that - we are truly turning into grown-ups. Ick.

In case anyone is interested, here are brief details of what we're looking at, in no particular order:
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All in all, we're leaning more towards Norristown than Pottstown, because of the neighborhoods and where our jobs are. But, you just never know.
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Well, the bone scan has shown definitively that there is nothing broken, cracked, or fractured in my hand or wrist. The nurse on the phone told me to continue elevating, wrapping, resting, etc., and if it wasn't better in "a few weeks", to go see an orthopod. But being the stubborn bitch that I am, I asked what would happen if I said "fuck it" and just worked through the pain, using my wrist/hand/thumb as normally as I could manage - would I incur any additional damage? Nope. So once again, I have two hands. I can type, and do all the other things two-handed people can do with ease. Because of where the damage is, I'm still kind of missing out on the opposable thumb action, and twisting my wrist is a no-go (so I still have to start my car with my left hand, which is a killer). But, even though it hurts like a motherfucker, it's usable, which is a Good Thing Indeed.

Tonight's dinner will be my first foray into cooking in over a week (ack!), and I'll be making Mer's birthday dinner. Some nice Delmonico steaks, with some kind of random pan sauce most likely consisting of portobello mushrooms, garlic, shallots, and a bit of beef stock. Oh, and peas on the side, because Mer wanted peas.

Tomorrow we will be getting up early to go house-browsing, and then we have an appointment with a realtor somewhere in the 2:00 hour. As of now, we're looking at the Norristown, Phoenixville, Pottstown areas, where neither of us will have a completely suck-ass commute. I'm hoping that the realtor might be able to shed some light on other areas that are affordable yet not more than a 45 minute commute from my office. I love my job, I really do, but why do I have to work so damn close to the Main Line? If anyone out there in the internets has a suggestion on other areas we might be able to look in, as close to the Malvern/West Chester/Exton area as possible, lemme know. Also, we're waiting for a call back from my little brother, who, as of this week, is a mortgage broker. Then we're meeting Mer's grandparents for cocktails and dinner.

In work news, I'm starting to get clued in little-by-little to what my "expanded" responsibilities are going to be this year. So far, everything seems to be heading in a Project Management direction, which I'm very happy with.

Mer's almost home, so I need to start dinner. For now, I leave you all with THE news story of the year.



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