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here i am, officially at the end of my vacation. i get to start my first day back by driving to philly in rush-hour traffic to do a 60-minute training session. woo.

but -

the house? actually looks kind of like we live here. about 75-80% of the stuff that's going to be unpacked is unpacked. (this excludes books, because the shelves aren't mounted yet.) i've had a happy week as a house-butch, doing things like installing a new kitchen faucet and forgetting a washer, resulting in a very wet head; getting a masonry drill bit stuck in a brick wall; using the weedwhacker on the lawn so thoroughly i was throwing up chunks of dirt; and running out of painter's tape whilst painting the bedroom so we now have light grey walls (overlapping onto the ceiling), dark grey trim (with a white border at the bottom because I painted *before* we ripped up the carpet), and a dark blue accent wall with a green stripe at the top (because the walls in that room were originally green.) On the successes front, I installed a new lock on the front door (although not yet the back), reassembled the cherry pedestal table that had been in storage for two years (which required finding the little tiny wrench required to make the legs stay put), hung our ever-so-spiffy martini grils shower curtain, and visited Lowe's Every. Single. Day. Sometimes three times. Home Depot once or twice too, because it's closer.

Ah, the joys of homeownership.

I did take some time for myself in there, doing lots of anacrostics and some scrapbooking (I should never be allowed in Michael's by myself - I'm way too dangerous), and also watching Xena, which conveniently airs on LOGO every weekday at 11. I had planned to spend Friday getting my craft on and watching my S1 DVDs of Veronica Mars, but I guess I overworked myself on my time off, because I slept in...until 4:30 in the afternoon.

And now, having shaved my legs for the first time since...um...when I went to Florida in January? (It's broomstick season!), I need to slather myself once more with bag balm and pass out. Grumble grumble...have to leave the house by 6:15 am...grumble grumble...

Does it need to be said how NOT ready I am to go back to work?

Oh, and one more thing...I took a bath tonight, without Mer in the room. This may not seem like a great accomplishment, but I have, let's say, a bad history with bathtubs. This was my first bath, without someone in the room, in a little over 2 1/2 years. I like baths (well, I used to.) This makes me very, very happy.
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For details of our first few days in the new house, check out Mer's entry House house house house.

Not much has changed since then; the bedroom has been set up (yay!). I thought we lost $2000 somewhere (until Mer found it in her personal checking account - she seems to have deposited there instead of in our joint account, where it belonged). Bills are paid, cat is settling ndown, and my mom's on her way down to help me unpack. We're going to work on the kitchen, because I can't freaking stand not being able to cook for one day longer.

Also on the to-do list for today is addressing and sending our nifty argyle change-of-address cards. If I don't have your address, please comment here (comments are screened) or email me at flannelbutch at gmail dot com. I have current addresses for [livejournal.com profile] darkest_mind, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyjadwiga and crew, and I think that's about it - I have addresses for some other people on my desktop, but that's not set up yet, so humor me please. :)

also? i am a proudly sick and twisted homeowner. I have a "honeydo" list that's already a page and a half long, and I love it!
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in 12 hours, give or take a few minutes, we'll own the house.

so, internet-less i will be until the comcast guy shows up on saturday.

have a good few days!

oh, and veronica mars minor spoilage )


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