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Update 4/2017: this is really only for my own personal archival purposes, now that LJ has shit the bed.


So, what in the verse is a flannelbutch? Well, I'm not a dressed-up, pressed-slacks kind of butch. I'm not a sporty-playing-rugby kind of butch. I'm a hanging out in my (flannel) shirt and (flannel) boxers kind of butch. With jeans and docs (if I'm in public, anyway).

I am, by nature, a very low-maintenance person, and I've learned that I greatly appreciate that quality in others. I don't laugh as much as I should.


Update December 2012: these things are still mostly true, though I favor bare feet and Chucks over Docs these days. Still with the flannel, though.

Also, I don't update here anymore. I do, however, spend WAY too much time on Tumblr. So, yanno, there's that.


Update sometime in 2013: changed the journal name to okayokayigive, to eliminate some confusion, and created plenty of other confusion. This used to be flannelbutch. Erm...moving on.
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