Oct. 5th, 2025 08:18 am
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I really, really don't update this anymore. (Obvs.)

I occasionally hang out on Twitter and Facebook, and I do my fangirl squeeing on Tumblr.
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[ profile] rustymarble totally saved my ass (or, more accurately, my stomach) yesterday by braving 300 firetrucks, no A/C, and back roads without a Tom Tom to come pick up my pukey self in Skippack. I slept until pretty much now, give or take a few waking hours, and Mer rode out the remains of the day solo to sell a pretty penny's worth of jewelry.

Thank you, [ profile] rustymarble! You have our undying devotion and gratitude, and unlimited babysitting creds or whatever else you need. You totally saved the day. And many, many thanks to your son for missing out on Spongebob and not being too terribly cranky about the much-longer-than-it-should-have-been car ride.

SCA Cooks?

Jun. 29th, 2008 09:52 pm
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The people, that is, not the list.

One of my projects for this summer is quite a bit of downsizing of our crap, and part of my crap includes cookbooks (modern and historical). Most of them Mer is dutifully listing on her bookseller accounts...but there's one I'm not quite certain I want to part with: my (damn near pristine) copy of Platina.

I don't know why I'm particularly attached to it, but I if I give it up, I'd prefer that it go to someone with an appreciation for it. If you are, or know, an SCA cook or other historical food-type person who'd be interested, have them contact me.

The other historical cooking books, in case you know anyone interested, are:
-Take a Thousand Eggs or More, Cindy Renfrow, both volumes, damn good condition
-God's Banquet: Food in Classical Arabic Literature, Geert Jan Van Geltder, damn good condition
-Imperial Mongolian Cooking: Recipes from the Kingdoms of Genghis Khan, Marc Cramer,good condition (would be "damn good" but it has my name in it)
-Savoring the Past: The French Kitchen and Table from 1300 to 1789, Barbara Ketcham Wheaton, crappy but serviceable condition
-The Original Mediterranean Cuisine: Medieval Recipes for Today, Barbara Santich, damn good condition
-The Medieval Kitchen: Recipes from France and Italy, Redon/Sabban/Serventi, good condition but missing dust jacket

I also have a copy of Apicius that Mer is for some reason interested in from an historical perspective, but I'd be willing to part with that for the right price.

Feel free to repost/distribute as necessary. Clutter begone!
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where does one go to get a broomstick skirt? like, seriously. plain cotton or rayon. solid color or at the very least not an atrocious pattern. and an actual broomstick that has sufficient fabric that can be tied up and out of the way while you're working, not a flowy-but-not-voluminous pseudo-broomstick.

years ago, i remember buying them at burlington coat factory, but the closest one of those to me is in reading. ew.

and yes, i know how to make them. i have the tools, the technology, and probably the fabric. i also have a list of much more pressing crap to do. we're vending at a festival this coming saturday, and i really, really want the flexibility of a broomstick. my last one fell apart last summer.

so, where does one buy a broomstick skirt?

or, should i bite it, spend the hour, and make some?
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In all the chaos last night, I forgot to tell you that Crybaby has been made into a musical and is opening on Broadway at the end of this month. Wanna go?
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...and you're coming over tonight, Mer asked me to warn you that the cops are out in droves in the Pottstown/Phoenixville area. If you aren't coming, then why the hell not? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then either your invite got lost or we screwed up. It's my birthday. Come hang out. If you didn't RSVP, come hang out anyway. Seriously - I ordered TEN pizzas. Email me (LJ username at gmail) if you need directions.
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I feel the need to say that "it's like tea, but not" is a completely valid statement.

We have tea-time at night, you see, and Mer is the preparer of the tea. I tend to get excited about the tea and completely forget about it while it's cooling...half an hour or so later, Mer will offer me a spoon to stir my tea, and it's like being presented with tea all over again, because now it's cooled and sweetened and...

yeah, okay, I'm a complete ditz. but the re-discovery of my creme eggs makes complete sense now, right?

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No cookies this year, but cards galore...comments are screened, so please post your snail-mail address here (or email me) so that we can send holiday goodness your way.
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hey, Mrs. S. Raise a glass to feeling old - it's now been 20 years since The Lost Boys hit theaters. Looks like there's going to be a direct-to-dvd sequel, too...


Jul. 20th, 2007 05:19 pm
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papers signed, i's dotted, t's crossed. my last day in Malvern is the 3rd, and I start at the new company on the 6th. My official title is executive admin, but in addition to supporting the president and coo (who are great guys), i'll beb doing proofing, editing, etc. for the business/marketing division and eventually doing proposals, training documentation, and SOP creation and some document management as well. the company is an engineering and consulting firm less than 2 miles from home. they're small - only 90 people spead out over 4 offices, and they're big on work/life balance. (the president of the company doesn't even have a crackberry.)

did i mention that they have a book club, a library, and a full kitchen? and summer hours, so I have off Friday afternoons between Memorial and Labor days.

i hereby surrender my professional geek card, my crackberry, my on-call status, and my MCP. (Well, not really. I'm not sure you can do that.) I found a job doing all of the things I love where I am now, with very few of the things I hate, that I can walk to if i'm so inclined.

the biggest challenge now is making it through the next few weeks without killing my soon to be former co-workers. some of them seem to think that i am the only one that can possibly do this job and that the world will fall apart without me. i'm glad they appreciate what i've done, and i'm proud of my accomplishemnts there, but this job is not rocket science and i am not irreplaceable. i hate being the center of someone's idealized worldview. i am not perfect, i am not the cornerstone of your life, and a billion-dollar company is not going to fall apart just because the keeper of the brain is moving on. brains are messy, yes, but there are plenty of qualified brain-handlers out there. You really do know how to do your job, and you do not need your hand held. Honest. You handled things perfectly fine when I was on vacation, and you'll do fine now too.

well, that was an unexpected rant. meh.

but, yay new job.

oh, one more interesting fact - i am switching jobs the week before my summer finals. ouch.


May. 27th, 2007 06:13 pm
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still alive, just busy. scored a 4.0 during my first semester back to school, and as of the start of summer term a few weeks ago, i'm a full-time student (12 credits).

mer and i have also been busy. clicky here. (RSS syndication through LJ: [ profile] lbtc).

life is interesting, but strangely better than ever.


Apr. 11th, 2007 01:32 pm
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i am on vacation, and i have no pants. i would have no shirt, but it's a bit cold for that.

also? die hard 4, with kevin smith. sriusly.
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my brain is a sieve. today started with sheep and upside-down contacts, but is ending well (after 11 hours at work) because there is chicken and yam curry in the food-warming device.

my boss is on vacation (which is a blessing), and I go on vacation the day after he returns - this week has been full of pre-vacation prep. i had two exams this week - did very well on one (algebra), not so sure about the other (econ), but probably a B. our house looks like absolute hell and i am desperately longing for the day seven months from now when our credit cards are paid in full and we can hire a fucking cleaning service. bah.

things i meant to say but haven't had time:

[ profile] bunnyjadwiga, i'm not sure whether to hug you or kill you for introducing me to I Can Has Cheezburger. I get the feed, and the lolcats are eating my brain, but in a good way.

[ profile] arcadian72, i promise to pimp your house to anyone i hear is looking. also, while i'm not really able to offer bodily help for cleaning and packing and such, i can offer space in and a key to our mostly-empty garage, in case you all need to store anything. good luck selling!

[ profile] ootwoods and [ profile] jtrumbore, CONGRATS! she's bee-you-ti-ful.

[ profile] sirwalterhere, good luck with your house bid!

[ profile] kyleri, I need an address to send your CD to. I also owe you mushroom recipes - I haven't forgotten.

[ profile] cluebyfourgirl, I have a CD for you as well, that made for you last JUNE and never shipped. I'm not sure if the address I have for you is current. I also owe you a Rainbow Brite quilt, which I have not forgotten about, and is still in process. (OK, it's in a box. But it is partially done, and will be all the way done eventually.)

I think that's it for now. Enjoy the bunny-shagging, chocolate egg weekend if you're into that sort of thing. I have a basket made up for baby sis with 24 eggs full of candy, a wooden toy (really! i love ollie's), an adorable little pink purse, a beatrix potter book, and a frabbit (a frog with bunny ears). No, I'm not going to spoil this kid at all.

I will post new pics of her this weekend, so for those of you who don't bother logging into LJ (this means you, [ profile] darkest_mind), you'll need to log in to see.

I've also got action shots of Boo to post, pictures of the baby quilt I did for a co-worker, and shots I need to upload and send to Cleavage Corner of me holding a quart of Gadzooks ice cream in my tits. (Yes, the only real me-time i get in a day is spent with preston & steve.)
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recipes for you - i've added a few more that i found that i adore.

Baked mac & cheese - one of my all-time favorite comfort foods
chocolate microwave cake - sounds gross, but truly a blessing when you just NEED chocolate
chili - my personal concoction - not spicy (will work without mushrooms)
chicken tikka masala - very yummy over rice or pita with yogurt
seasoned chicken strips with savory toasted cheese
orgasmic teriyaki pork - also has shrooms but will work without

Vanilla creme brulee with chocolate sauce - so very worth the effort:

1/4 cup simple syrup
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 eggs plus 2 egg yolks
5 Tbsp sugar
1+1/2 cups heavy cream
1/2 cup milk
1 vanilla bean
more sugar to make da crackely

--preheat oven to 300F.
--Mix the syrup and the cocoa to make, essentially, hershey's syrup. spoon into the bottom of 6 ramekins or coffee mugs (yes, coffee mugs.) store in the freezer so the chocolate stays put. lick the bowl.
--whisk together the egg bits and the sugar in a bigger bowl than you think you need; set aside.
--milk and cream into small heavy saucepan with the guts of the vanilla bean. heat on medium without stirring intil bubbly.
slowly whisk the hot cream into the egg bowl. whisk until you can stick your finger in the combined mixture and hold it there without wincing - that's when it's cool enough. if you ended up with eggy bits, you can strain them - i usually leave them in (it adds character or something.)
--take the ramekins/mugs out of the freezer and pour the custard on top of the somewhat solid chocolate.
--take a roasting pan or lasagna dish and line the bottom with a paper towel or dish towel. put the ramekins/mugs on the towel so that they are stable and not touching the sides of the pan or each other. put the pan on the oven rack. get yourself a pitcher of water and pour it into the pan, trying not to splash the ramekins. fill so the water comes halfway up the sides of the thingies.
--bake for 35-45 minutes, or until the custard has the consistency of jello pudding cups.
--remove the pan from the oven and the thingies from the water. canning tongs work very well for this, if you can find them. remember, 300 degree water is HOT. i always burn myself doing this.
--park in the fridge for a few hours.
--sprinkle the tops with sugar, and use a torch or your broiler to get the top all nice-n-crispy.
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Mer: blah blah blah Girl Scout Camp, blah blah blah - and if you've never lived with a rocket scientist blah blah blah...
Dani: I may not have lived with a rocket scientist, but I've fucked a mechanical engineer.
Mer: I love you.
Dani: What? It's the next best thing.
Mer: *dies*

to-do list

Feb. 10th, 2007 01:10 pm
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before leaving for the airport at 4:30 am Monday:


Last-minute to-do:
laptop, sprint card, power cord
missy good book #1
personal cell
travel kit

wardrobe list:
-Travel clothes: jeans, silver sweater, comfy bra, squishy boxers, grey socks, black danskos
-Monday day: khakis, brown stripey sweater, squishy boxers, good bra, tan squishy socks, black danskos
-Tuesday day: brown pants, gold sweater set, good bra, undies, brown danskos, knee-high hose
-Tuesday night: burgundy velvet shirt, black pants, squishy boxers, good bra, black socks, black danskos
-Wednesday day: houndstooth pants, burgundy sweater, good bra, undies, knee-high hose, brown danskos
-Thursday day: brown skirt and jacket, blue sweater or mauve sweater, undies, good bra, hose, brown danskos
-emergency spare outfit: blue sweater or mauve sweater, undies, good bra, black socks, black pants, black danskos
-trip home: sneakers, white plus socks, jeans or black yoga pants, sweatshirt, black yoga shirt
-misc: hockey shirt (sleeping), 2 pr extra socks, 2 pr extra knee-highs

mer's stuff for next week:
-start truck 2x during week
-pay bills on 14th when my deposit goes through: progressive, verizon, t-mobile, oil co.
-before I come home: change sheets, half & half, DWCDP, fizzy water
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we have water!!!!

many thanks to our friendly local mason whose name Mer has forgotten for putting a nice-sized hole in our foundation, which allowed our new favorite plumber/HVAC guy to melt the damn pipe, and take measures to keep this from happening again.

Shameless plug for local small business:
Hinkle's Heating & Cooling
Based in Phoenixville, PA
Dennis Hinkle is the owner, and he's a helluva guy.

[ profile] arcadian72, can you please post the name & number of the mason the Mer ended up calling? I'd like to shamelessly plug him also, but Mer doesn't remember his name or number...

All in all, this cost us a helluva lot less than I thought it was going to.

I'm going to eat, and then take a shower. A very, very, very, very long shower.
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we still have no water. we're working the plumber angle now; hopefully we end up with a plumber and not a jackhammer.

my spirits are a bit improved, though. while waiting for the heat tape to do its thang, i studied for my algebra exam, and am fairly confident. i also found out that i have no econ homework this week, which is good.

the best part, though? i'm clean! proving that everything i need in life i learned in girl scouts, i modified the 1-shot water bath we used to do at camp (do everything from one basin in a certain order so you have fresh water for everything), combined it with my mom's "sink bath" technique, and i have a nice clean body and head of hair, which makes me very happy.

two more things that make me happy?
veronica mars tonight.
mer's mom made me an iolite necklace, and it came today. shiny!
pic behind cut )


Feb. 6th, 2007 10:41 am
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borough plumber dude has come and gone.
--the records show they were here in January 2005 for the same problem - "if you plan to stay here, you need to take care of this."
--long-term, his recommendation is to rip up the porch and backfill, which is the same thing our neighbor told us last night.
--it looks like someone tried to fill the porch with spray foam via the hole that the pipe comes through - unsuccessfully, of course, since you'd need probably 75-100 cubic feet of foam.
--short-term, he recommended trying heat tape and filling the hole with some kind of insulation.
--i got the last package of heat tape from the local home depot, where i was told that it's out of season. Tell me, who needs heat tape in Pennsylvania in summertime? That's the only time they actively stock it.
--heat tape has been taped to the pipes (despite its name, it is not sticky in and of itself, and requires electrical tape for attachment purposes)

I am now cold, covered in spider webs, and have no options for hot beverages, unless i want to heat up some diet pepsi. yes, i could venture out for hot caffeine and a shower, but it is Todd Todd Fucking Cold (TM) out there, and I'd like to be able to move tomorrow, thankyouverymuch.

two side notes:
1. while searching for plumbing stuff online this morning, I discovered that someone bought the Hechinger's logo, paired it with the domain, and is now running an online hardware store. from a business perspective, it's a smart deal, because hechinger was a known and trusted brand for a long time. from a personal perspective? i feel like someone exhumed the body of loved one and is parading it around on the interweb for profit.
2. all things considered, i'm damn proud of myself for how i'm dealing with the current plumbing crisis. no panicking, just severe annoyance that i can't shower and/or make coffee, and crankiness at the money this is going to end up costing us.


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