Jul. 20th, 2007 05:19 pm
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papers signed, i's dotted, t's crossed. my last day in Malvern is the 3rd, and I start at the new company on the 6th. My official title is executive admin, but in addition to supporting the president and coo (who are great guys), i'll beb doing proofing, editing, etc. for the business/marketing division and eventually doing proposals, training documentation, and SOP creation and some document management as well. the company is an engineering and consulting firm less than 2 miles from home. they're small - only 90 people spead out over 4 offices, and they're big on work/life balance. (the president of the company doesn't even have a crackberry.)

did i mention that they have a book club, a library, and a full kitchen? and summer hours, so I have off Friday afternoons between Memorial and Labor days.

i hereby surrender my professional geek card, my crackberry, my on-call status, and my MCP. (Well, not really. I'm not sure you can do that.) I found a job doing all of the things I love where I am now, with very few of the things I hate, that I can walk to if i'm so inclined.

the biggest challenge now is making it through the next few weeks without killing my soon to be former co-workers. some of them seem to think that i am the only one that can possibly do this job and that the world will fall apart without me. i'm glad they appreciate what i've done, and i'm proud of my accomplishemnts there, but this job is not rocket science and i am not irreplaceable. i hate being the center of someone's idealized worldview. i am not perfect, i am not the cornerstone of your life, and a billion-dollar company is not going to fall apart just because the keeper of the brain is moving on. brains are messy, yes, but there are plenty of qualified brain-handlers out there. You really do know how to do your job, and you do not need your hand held. Honest. You handled things perfectly fine when I was on vacation, and you'll do fine now too.

well, that was an unexpected rant. meh.

but, yay new job.

oh, one more interesting fact - i am switching jobs the week before my summer finals. ouch.


Date: 2007-07-22 01:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] autumnslight.livejournal.com
It sounds like a really healthy move :)

I wish you much work happiness!


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