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...than watch bad recaps of stupid game show moments.

from an old episode of hollywood squares:
question: what do guys from philly dunk their pretzels in?
answer: girls from jersey.

ok, yeah, i'm easily amused.

since i'm already posting, a small update. winter holidays were wonderful, and i fortunately didn't get sick until afterward. now, i'm sick enough that the doctor is seeing me on a saturday. i am a miserable whiny bitch when i'm sick, and mer gets mega girlfriend points for being so wonderful over the past few days.

time for another nap now.
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long time, no post, i know. things have been a tad bit crazy, and still are, but I'm not quite ready to move my ass yet, so I'm updating here instead.

-holiday pres 1: quilted tree skirt, complete except for finishing hand-sewing the binding
-holiday pres 2: appliqued ornament wall hanging, done.
-holiday pres 3: quilted knotwork wall hanging, done.
-holiday pres 4: quilted xmas squares wall hanging, done.
-holiday pres 5: rail-style lap quilt, done.
-holiday pres 6: quilted hunting scene, done.
-holiday pres 7: victorian-style quilted wall hanging, done.
-holiday pres 8: xxl lap quilt, quilting needs to be finished and binding needs to be done.
-super sekrit applique project: fabric dyed, pieces cut, will be done...um...later.
-super sekrit quilt project: pattern drawn, some fabric dyed, will be done...even more later.
pictures will come on all theses, i swear.

i'm not even going to get into the clusterfuck of holiday scheduling with the families this year.

in work news, it's still a bit nutty, although slow this time of year, and i got a nice raise.

in school news, well, there's school news. i caught a random itch and decided to go back to scool to finish my bachelor's. all my credits from kutztown transferred, and i aced my placement tests. i'm enrolled in two classes (advanced algebra and econ) for the spring, and will probably step up to the condensed classes or at least online classes after that. i've temporarily declaredmy major as business administration. I am purposely not using my company's tutition reimbursement, for three reasons. 1, I don't want to be tied to my company for a year after i finish; 2, i did NOT want to go for IT; and 3, if I want to change my major to auto repair or bricklaying, no one can tell me no. Becoming a mechanic is looking more and more tempting, lemme tell ya. So, whee, school.

i know i haven't updated [livejournal.com profile] dykewaddery in a while either, but things are proceeding more or less on-schedule. there will be a few unplanned-for purchases in the coming months, as I will need a Windows box for school and don't want to be tied to my work laptop. we'll also be fixing up the garage in the spring, so that we can move the regular office down there. the current office will become the guest room/sewing room, and the small bedroom (currently the sewing room) will become my study room.


so, that (more or less) is the state of the dani. i'm alive, functioning, not being eaten by my job, not crawling into a hole. mostly just hating quilting (i love it except when i have a deadline) and getting my shit together.

happy winter celebration of choice, y'all.


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