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this is one of the laziest, most convenience-food-like dinners i've truly enjoyed in a long time. the idea came from French Onion soup, which, without the croutons is a good low-carb item. Unfortunately, I hate onions. So what could I substitute? Mushrooms.

So, about a quart and a half of beef broth (made from Better Than Boullion, 'cos I'm lazy and that shit is good), heated up, added 2 cans of 'shrooms, let them heat through. Seasoned with some onion powder and Worcestershire lauce. Ladled into bowls and topped with Sharp Provolone cheese (AKA stinky provolone).

Foodgasm. We'll be eating this again soon - it's incredibly easy, fast, filling, and fucking yum.

also, I'm using my new buttsex icon. just because I can.
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I filleted two boneless skinless chicken breasts and dredged them with flour that had been generously seasoned with cayenne, ground sage, kosher salt, and paprika. Sauteed chicken in a few tbsp butter until they looked done (flipping halfway through). Removed GBD chicken to plate & covered with foil to hold. To buttery brown seasoned flour bits in pan, I added some marsala wine and dijon mustard. seasoned with tarragon, thyme, pepper. added worcestershire sauce for an earthy note. let thicken. added half and half for extra creaminess. thickened again. finished with cold butter. returned chicken to pan, cooked about 45 sec. ea. side. served topped with sauce and sliced aged sharp provolone. side dish: (frozen) white and wild rice with green beans and mushrooms in garlic sauce.

fucking yum.


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