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...than watch bad recaps of stupid game show moments.

from an old episode of hollywood squares:
question: what do guys from philly dunk their pretzels in?
answer: girls from jersey.

ok, yeah, i'm easily amused.

since i'm already posting, a small update. winter holidays were wonderful, and i fortunately didn't get sick until afterward. now, i'm sick enough that the doctor is seeing me on a saturday. i am a miserable whiny bitch when i'm sick, and mer gets mega girlfriend points for being so wonderful over the past few days.

time for another nap now.
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three weeks from today, we'll officially own the house.

i know that i owe at least one person a return phone call (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyjadwiga), but between the packing and the planning and the paperwork and going absolutely batshit CRAZY at work (shit happened last week that i'm *still* too stressed about to blog), i'm losing my bloody mind. so here's my official apology to any phone calls/emails/IMs that may go unreturned for the next few weeks - i'm terribly sorry, but i've lost my mind. please leave a message at the tone and i'll get back to you when i find the box I packed it in.

i'm not really sticking with the low-carb these days (read: not at all); however, i've found that i can take out some serious aggression in a 45-minute session on the elliptical, and hence am still losing weight - although i'm losing at a much slower rate than when i wasn't eating ramen and cous cous. 29 pounds since jan 1. i'm hoping to drop another 6 lbs before we move (doubtful, since that's 2 lbs/wk), since once i have a longer commute, my late nights watching jeopardy in the gym will be limited. losing the additional 6 will take me to 199, which rewards me with cadbury creme eggs.

i've ordered our nifty argyle change of address cards, with our new address and home phone (which we may actually answer on occasion). if i don't have your address, and you'd like a nifty postcard, email me.

the uhaul by my office finally got dish and glass pack sets in stock, so i think i've bought the last of the boxes we needed. (what use are glass pack boxes that don't fit margarita or martini glasses, anyway?!?)

our parking lot gets a little puddle-y when it precipitates. when i got home from work, there were two ducks bathing in the parking lot. today's precipitation? snow. it is april, right?
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this is one of the laziest, most convenience-food-like dinners i've truly enjoyed in a long time. the idea came from French Onion soup, which, without the croutons is a good low-carb item. Unfortunately, I hate onions. So what could I substitute? Mushrooms.

So, about a quart and a half of beef broth (made from Better Than Boullion, 'cos I'm lazy and that shit is good), heated up, added 2 cans of 'shrooms, let them heat through. Seasoned with some onion powder and Worcestershire lauce. Ladled into bowls and topped with Sharp Provolone cheese (AKA stinky provolone).

Foodgasm. We'll be eating this again soon - it's incredibly easy, fast, filling, and fucking yum.

also, I'm using my new buttsex icon. just because I can.


Feb. 27th, 2006 08:38 am
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Meredith left for work with my keys.

This being her first day at a new job, she can't exactly leave.

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I got disco ball ornaments at the grocery store today. *g*
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There's a Serenity reference on Neopets today. In the Neopian Times, there's a picture of a trophy, and the caption reads, "Shiny, captain."
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When I was in school, the day before a break was always reather strange. No one, including the teachers, paid attention, and it seemed the strangeness of the day increased with the length of the vacation it preceeded.

Today my life was like the last day of school before summer break, after you've finished finals.

At work:
I do minor admin work for my boss, and therefore am at the end of a row in an admin cube. across from me are three other admins, C, K, and A. we can get a little crazy. Today was a fine example. One of the managers across from C slammed his office door, which prompted C to say "Slam!" The remaining 3 of us chimed in, a line at a time, with "Doo doo doo - doo doo doo - let the boys be boys!". Other songs at random through the day, sung line by line by each of us and usually ending together, included "Sussudio", the theme from "Greatest American Hero", and "The Pina Colada Song", substituting one of the manager's names for "Pina Colada", because his name rhymes with, well, "Pina Colada". The stranger part about this? All the singing was done full-voice, with all of us at our respective desks.

On line:
Veronica Mars fucks Chicken Boo
Mother Nature is God in drag
The Bible, in Legos
Faeries Aire and Death Waltz (*.pdf file)

My boss isn't expecting me at work on Monday, as I should be up home visiting the forthcoming baby and new parents. And I left work at 5:00. I had PT before work, and I'm not hurting.

What a day.
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I finally got new fucking glasses. My vision had gotten scary. All better now!
And I'm told they look damn good, too.

clicky for pics )
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tee hee. i want this shirt.


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