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Okay, because I promised, and before I forget: quilting pics behind the cut. They're not all here, because I forgot to get pics before I wrapped them, and some of the pics are f-locked because I haven't had time to edit out the faces yet.

holiday quilt madness lies this way... )

Quilt Pics

Oct. 10th, 2005 12:08 am
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The almost-finished baby quilt behind cut )


Oct. 9th, 2005 11:22 pm
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well, baby-momma is having contractions (about 1 hour apart), so they decided not to induce at this time. so, still waiting. they're looking at sometime in the next 24 hours, though.

the quilt, which i'll be taking pictures of shortly, has its binding done, but still needs approx. half of the actual quilting done. I finished the binding first because I figured that'd be the harder thing to work on in a waiting room.


Aug. 18th, 2005 02:28 pm
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On the brown rice front: after talking to my dad, we decided to make the rice saturday morning. while shopping for the rice, we found brown basmati rice, which not only will add a little flair to this otherwise dull bland mild menu, will cook faster, or so the goddess of rice, aka [livejournal.com profile] fuzzybutchkins says.

On the baby presents front: i strayed a little from my original idea, going with 2 books (Click Clack Moo and Fox in Socks), 2 CDs of non-irritating children's music (Kenny Loggins' "Return to Pooh Corner" and the album from Tom Chapin with "Family Tree" and "This Pretty Planet" on it), and a hand-sewn sample of the fabrics for the baby quilt: tiny pink checks, tiny purple checks, and a pale yellow fabric with pink-and-purple flowers on it for the squares; white fabric with purple, green, yellow, and pink stripes for the backing; and pink baby blanket edging for the edging. Not exactly a color scheme I'd have chosen, but it matches the baby's room almost exactly. The shower itself was interesting. the Malibu (mer's car) died on the way there, so i got a nice long walk in the 95-degree humid heat home for the jetta while mer waited for the tow truck. i'll let her regale you with that story on her own lj if she so chooses. so we were an hour late to the party, where i got asked quite a few questions about where i was going to school...at the time i couldn't figure out why (was i looking particularly young that day or something?) but then i realized i was there with my "roommate", and apparently these people only had roommates in college. ah, well. we cut out early, citing the drama of the car troubles and the "long drive" and headed home, but not before getting "pocket angels" that had been blessed by some holy catholic guy as our shower favors. the irony was not lost on me that the outfit i was wearing did not have any pockets.

on work: the lease exchange (just one of the many projects this year) is coming to a close. by 5:00 tomorrow, it will be done. well, my part in it will be. to celebrate, i'm actually *taking vacation time* next week. i realized there was going to be a lull, and i'm taking advantage of it. monday and tuesday. and since mer will presumably still be temping for her mom, it will be alone time! yay! there has definitely not been enough of that in my life lately. of course, now that mer's dating someone in the same state, my alone time might increase. much happiness on that front, for a lot of reasons.

on fandom: i get my firefly dvds back tonight. i believe there will be a marathon next week when i'm off. also, i am feeling like a total squee-ish fangirl after having seen veronica and logan kiss for the first time last night. how did i miss out on all the original veronica mars goodness? why did nobody beat me with a tv guide and tell me to watch this damn show from the get-go? most importantly, why are the first season dvds coming out *after* season two starts? not fair. at all. of course, the fact that vm s2 premieres on the 28th and the serenity premiere is on the 30th make that a very good week indeed. statistically speaking, it also makes it a very good week for work to explode and for paige to be born. just sayin'.


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