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Nov. 1st, 2005 07:14 pm
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After much muddling about, and with no time to spare, I've got my topic. As [livejournal.com profile] kylakae pointed out to me, why try to choose between food and sex? Why not do food and sex?

*ding ding ding* ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner.

Food as erotica. The sexual nature of food, and cooking, and eating. Food porn. Or rather, Food Porn.

Two bonuses to this twist on my topic:
1, if I'm running short on words towards the end of the month, I can back-fill with pornolicious recipes
2, it gives me a great excuse to use my "cue the porn jazz" icon.

thanks, [livejournal.com profile] kylakae!
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so it's less than two hours before nano officially kicks off, and i'm wavering on my topic. i'm fairly certain i can write 50k words on food, even with the craziness of november. but last night out of nowhere i start getting random snippets of a decidedly not-food, not-non-fic, probably no way in hell i can do 50k idea. i'm seeing violence, and sex, and violent sex, and dark alleys, and scifi, and leather.

anyone out there care to sway me one way or the other?
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from the brain of my twisted sweetie...the 2005 nonfic nano pirate theme song!

I am a member of the crew nonfic nano piratical
we stick to facts and figures with a faith truly fanatical
we may not have such constructs as a plot or a protagonist
but figures, dates and facts will surely prove us all perfectionist
essayists and diaries, opinions quite unmatchable
even tales astonishingly autobiographical
regardless of this genre heist our tales remain dramatical
though hopefully unmarred by filks, absurd and ungrammatical

we take a vow, november first, to write a book, spasmatical
carpal tunnel plagues our wrists, our butts become sciatical
but come midnight december first we'll all need a sabbatical
I am a member of the crew nonfic nano piratical
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disclaimer: unless someone comments to this post saying "please go away with your nano ramblings" or some such, i'm not going to create a nano filter. you're /insert preferred genders here/, you can scroll past things you're not interested in.

so, food. mostly non-fic*, possibly some fic if i'm in the mood. random rants about things i love, hate, or have an opinion on in one way or another, with some "no shit, there i was" stories thrown in for good measure. temporarily titled don't touch my knife. i am determined not to write a kitchen confidential-style expose on kitchens and shit, because frankly, tony bourdain did it pretty damn well.

my list so far of possible rant topics )

*i have as much patience for nano fiction nazis as i do for SCA authenticity nazis. i use polyester thread in my quick-and-dirty t-tunics, and i'm writing non-fic. fucking deal.
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to paraphrase the cranberries, everybody else is doing it, so why can't I?

of all the months this year, november promises to be the busiest, craziest, stress-inducing month. i suck at writing on command - i failed a semester of english in high school because our entire grade was based on in-class writing assignments. i don't know what to write about. of course, some part of me (the masochistic part, i'm sure) wants to do this.

so, what to write about? cooking seems the most obvious choice. bipolar and chronic pain seem too depressing. i suppose i could write my life as a soap opera - except no one would believe it, either as fiction or non-fiction. especially my high school years.

thoughts from the peanut gallery

ETA: what about kitchen witchery? the transfer of energy into food, that sort of thing?


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