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Official countdown: 7 days 'til settlement, 9 days 'til the move. yeah, that's right. a week.
Boxes packed: um, 63? we haven't made much progress on that front.
Stuff done since last update: um, very, very little. got the glassware returned to bb&b. packed dvds, coat closet, stuff in the bar, and everything non-essential in the bedroom.
To do this week, preferably tomorrow: pay off the two shitty little things that showed up on my credit that are making the mortgage people cranky. get final settlement numbers from mer's mom so we can figure out how to get the necessary cashier's check from our bank (conveniently located in...harrisburg).
To do this weekend: pack everything. yes, everything. to be more specific, "everything" includes: all nonessentials in the kitchen, living room, office. take apart and trash mer's desk. finish the laundry. finish the dishes. pack the "settlement suitcase". take out the trash. get the flung clothes to the fatgirl flea collector or goodwill. clean the bathtub, sweep the floors.

in other, non-stressful, non-house news? I'm continuing to lose weight - down to 203 (from 234), and size 16 (from 22). Feels good to be active again.

And, I'm using my buttsex icon. Because I can.
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Official countdown: 17 days 'til settlement, 19 days 'til the move
Boxes packed: 55 62
Items acquired since last week's update: a shitload of free boxes from work
Items flung since last week: miscellaneous crap
Checklist items completed since last week: new cable/internet set up, mortgage paperwork complete
Housework done since last week: very little
Packing done since last week: catering stuff, craft/sewing stuff, office books, geek stuff, holiday decorations, some dishes, some other kitchen stuff
To do yet tonight: make dinner, laundry, dishes, more kitchen packing
To do this week: return stemware I never returned last week, move Mer's computer to the small desk, trash the big desk, laundry, dishes, clean bathtub, sweep kitchen/bathroom floors (gee, that looks strangely similar to last week's list, no?), transfer comcast email addys to new account
Packing/flinging work yet to do: remainder of kitchen, tools, pictures/artwork, DVDs, electronics, stuff in the bar, coat closet, reinforce the couch
Still need to buy: washer/dryer, tv stand, chairs

I know we got a lot done this weekend (and the day's not over yet), but I'm feeling extraordinarily overwhelmed. Adding to that is the stress of knowing that we lose next sunday as a packing day (driving up home for easter), plus I need to take a few hours today and finish work that I was not willing to stay late on Friday to finish. Also, my desktop's hard drive started sounding like a lawnmower yesterday....so until i find the time to dig the cylinder of blank cds out of mer's trunk and back up all my freaking data, i'm leaving it shut down. the box i'm currently using was an old one that my boss was getting rid of, and i know there's a duplicate box in the config room at work, so hopefully i can pull the hard drive, take it to work, and ghost it onto the hard drive from that box. that would be the easiest. until then, i'll either hop on mer's box, or use my laptop and my sneaky firefox-on-usb.

le sigh.

in other news, anyone not working during the day on Thursday 4/27 that wants to help me paint and/or rip up carpeting, or on Friday 4/28 that wants to sit with the cat while the movers do their thing? (my mom bailed on me.) all i can offer is your preference of takeout food, your choice of beverage, and the honor of being our first guest/first person I bribed to help with my "honeydo" list.
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three weeks from today, we'll officially own the house.

i know that i owe at least one person a return phone call (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] bunnyjadwiga), but between the packing and the planning and the paperwork and going absolutely batshit CRAZY at work (shit happened last week that i'm *still* too stressed about to blog), i'm losing my bloody mind. so here's my official apology to any phone calls/emails/IMs that may go unreturned for the next few weeks - i'm terribly sorry, but i've lost my mind. please leave a message at the tone and i'll get back to you when i find the box I packed it in.

i'm not really sticking with the low-carb these days (read: not at all); however, i've found that i can take out some serious aggression in a 45-minute session on the elliptical, and hence am still losing weight - although i'm losing at a much slower rate than when i wasn't eating ramen and cous cous. 29 pounds since jan 1. i'm hoping to drop another 6 lbs before we move (doubtful, since that's 2 lbs/wk), since once i have a longer commute, my late nights watching jeopardy in the gym will be limited. losing the additional 6 will take me to 199, which rewards me with cadbury creme eggs.

i've ordered our nifty argyle change of address cards, with our new address and home phone (which we may actually answer on occasion). if i don't have your address, and you'd like a nifty postcard, email me.

the uhaul by my office finally got dish and glass pack sets in stock, so i think i've bought the last of the boxes we needed. (what use are glass pack boxes that don't fit margarita or martini glasses, anyway?!?)

our parking lot gets a little puddle-y when it precipitates. when i got home from work, there were two ducks bathing in the parking lot. today's precipitation? snow. it is april, right?


Apr. 2nd, 2006 07:36 pm
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Official countdown: 24 days 'til settlement, 26 days 'til the move
Boxes packed: 30 (+1 box of stuff to take with us after settlement)
Items acquired: side tables, shower curtain, bath mat (the devil ducky just doesn't go with the new bathroom's decor), a case of ramen, paper/plastic things to eat/drink off of/with, second phone + answering machine
Items flung: all Mer's unsold books, lots and lots of crap, the skanky litter box, crappy catering stuff, unworn clothes (bagged & ready to drop off for the local fatgirl flea contact)
Checklist items complete: phone transfer, electric transfer, change of address postcards ordered, 401(k) loan check rec'd and deposited, homeowner's insurance applied for, response from seller re: inspection rec'd
Housework done: laundry, dishes, bills paid
To do yet tonight: make dinner, transfer cable/internet, finish mortgage paperwork, more laundry, more dishes
To do tomorrow: return unopened boxes of stemware (from a wedding i catered 4 or 5 years ago) to bed bath & beyond for store credit - whee!
Packing to do this week: sewing/craft stuff, office books, various geek stuff (extra cables, drives, etc.), holiday decorations, catering stuff
Housework to do this week: laundry, dishes, clean bathtub, sweep kitchen & bathroom floors
Next weekend: move Mer's computer to the small desk, trash Mer's current desk
Future packing/flinging/work: kitchen, tools, pictures/artwork, DVDs, electronics, stuff in the bar, coat closet, reinforce the couch
Still need to buy: washer/dryer, tv stand, chairs to match the pedestal table


No wonder I'm so damn tired.

The good part is that I'll be taking EIGHT DAYS off from work to pack/move/unpack, from Wednesday the 26th through Friday the 5th - which, with weekends, gives me TWELVE DAYS away from work. I haven't taken that much consecutive time off from work since, well, ever.
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I've cut back my friends list, a lot. I swear it's nothing personal. Plain and simple, I love my new house more than I love my LJ. Also, what with packing and planning and work and such, I'm getting to my LJ an average of once or twice a week, instead of every day like I used to.

Disclaimers aside, closing is in less than a month! Woo! Lots and lots of books have been packed, and so has the good china. I've got a schedule worked out of what to pack when, so that we can accomplish the seemingly overwhelming task of packing our entire lives inside of 4 weeks. This week is books.


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