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Feb. 9th, 2006 10:25 pm
daniwithtea: (dance like no one's watching)
you would think that a house of geeks would come equipped with its own network of computers and miscellaneous gadgets, on the highest-of-high-speed networks, with toys to spare. Yeah, well, you would be wrong.

this afternoon, my boss dropped a beautiful P4 in my cube and told me to "take it home and stop running windows 98". i've got my own pc at home, you see, but it's so freaking antequated that it's 100% useless for anything other than text file storage. so i carry this gorgeous monster home, and after various and sundry headaches with CD drive installation and sound problems, I sit at my very own 'puter on a real live high-speed connection (which is, of course, snaked across the living room floor) feeling very full of squee. (Running Ubuntu, btw. The BreezyBadger version. tee-hee.)

now, i still have my work laptop, which is lovely and spiffy, but there are just some things I can't do on there.

like download porn.

in other news, i'm slowly pulling myself out of this funk i've been soaking in. things are getting a little bit better all around, and i think i found someplace to take myself away to for a few days (i figure i can get myself past any social anxiety issues, because this is a silent retreat, so i don't have to worry about talking...) i took tomorrow off so i can get the house clean and do some major purging. in a flylady way, that is.

time to start copying things off of old backups (there's gotta be some porn on there somewhere). i should also find food of some sort, since i promised to feed mer dinner a few hours ago.


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